* Completed Public Projects:

  1. Dania Beach Blvd Bridge

    Dania Beach Blvd Bridge

    The Dania Beach Blvd ICWW is now Fully Open returning to 24-hr operation.

  2. Ravenswood/Stirling UAZ

    Ravenswood/Stirling UAZ

    UAZ Broward County Water and Sewer Projects, Water System Improvements on Ravenswood & Stirling Rd, Construction restoring water and roads in affected areas.

  3. FDOT Sign Replacements

    FDOT Sign Replacements

    DISTRICTWIDE OVERHEAD ALUMINUM SIGN REPLACEMENT PROJECT Northbound US 1 south of Sheridan Street in Dania Beach Southbound US 1 north of Dania Beach Boulevard in Dania Beach

  1. Waterline Replacement

    Waterline Replacement

    A waterline replacement was done on NE 2nd Avenue. Public Services replaced over 600 feet of 8" water lines to provide better quality water for the residents of Dania Beach.

  2. SE 2nd Ave Road Closure

    SE 2nd Ave Road Closure

    Partial Road Closure - SE 2nd Avenue

  3. Phippen Waiters Rd Closure

    Phippen Waiters Rd Closure

    Road Closure Advisory --- Boundaries: Phippen Waiters Road between SW 3rd PL and SW 2nd PL Dates: 7/25/2016-7/27/2016 Times: 8:00AM-6:00PM

  4. Roller Coaster Farewell

    Roller Coaster Farewell

    Known as the tallest wooden amusement park ride in Florida, is coming down. The silenced sculpture was demolished to make room for DANIA POINTE.